Falckenstein - represents a tremendous amount of activity, yet absolutely no Ju-Jutsu.It represents everything fun: soccer, table tennis, charades, Poker, UNO, barbecues, playing on the beach, bonfires and so on.In all 20 years wewent to the former Youth Olympic Village, most of the time Petrus meant well.

On this weekend of May, however, we had a bit of everything: brilliant sunshine, gray clouds and rain. But it did our good humor no harm and when the Euro Vision Song Contest was celebrated together with the songs of the later winner Conchita Wurst on Saturday night, no one was worrying about the outside temperature anymore.
As always the weekend was unfortunately over way too fast, but it would not be a tradition if you couldn't look forward to be back the next time. True to the motto: After Falckenstein is before Falckenstein ;-)