Olympisches Jugenddorf Falckenstein

From 7th to 9th of June we were on our weekend trip in Falkenstein near the Kiel Fjord. In bright sunshine 65 Ju-Jutsukas and their coaches took the bus towards the Baltic Sea.
According to the weather, everyone was in the best mood. First the houses were divided before it could go to the first exploring of the area after arriving at the Youth Olympic Village.
In record time our two barbecue pros Darius and Markus supplied the hungry pack with sausages, meat and salad and so the adventure Falckenstein could quickly go into the second round.
The rest of the evening was marked by sports, games and lots of fun.


Saturday started, like Friday had ended - with blue sky and sun. From the breakfast strengthened, everyone went to the beach. While the olders were rather cautious approaching the water, the kids quickly went in the still quite cool fjord to swim and paddle.
Sunbathing, playing football and balancing on the Slack-Line completed the entire morning. After a brief stop for lunch at the youth village, we quickly went back to the beach where the local mini-golf course was waiting for us with a real pirate and other attractions.A grueling ballgame eventually led us seek relaxation in the water again.
Meanwhile getting a bit tired, we went back to the village in the late afternoon, where we enjoyed another barbecue.
It was hard to stop the kids the first night, now it was much calmer.

Overnight it cooled noticeably, so we didn't go to the beach on Sunday morning, but had the obligatory soccer game.
After an exciting match it was already time to pack things for trip back home.

The weekend is always over too soon, but fortunately we go next year as well and celebrate the 20th anniversary.

 Grillen bei bestem Wetter