As every year the annual TUS Berne/Duwo 08 Christmas party took place.

2015 bowling02

2015 bowling01This year the invitation led us near the Stadtpark, down to the underground private bowling area of a big company. We spend the night bowling and enjoying an amazing buffet. The atmosphere was quite energetic and ambitious, as the time was flying by. We fought about every pin and each team made good scores. Nevertheless fun was the main goal and so everyone was the winner of the night. Even the cleaning was finished with a great spirit and so our day ended with a smile on every face. At this point we want to thank the organisation who made this event possible; we are looking forward to the next time!


Right the next day our Christmas party continued, this time with the younger ones. The trip took us to the indoor fun park INDOO. This year we used public transport and so the group grew from station to station until we all took the bus. The driver was positively surprised being friendly greeted by 39 kids in the age between 5 and 13. Once we reached the fun park, the children were unstoppable. Some of the coaches couldn’t resist letting their inner child out and went play as well. After two hours of intense playing it was time for lunch, so we sat together in our separate room enjoying our meal. Meeting at the agreed time, smiling and yet exhausted we went back home. 2015 indoo02 A huge thank you to the coaches who made this day a memorable event! 2015 indoo01