As every year the annual TUS Berne/Duwo 08 Christmas party took place.

2015 bowling02

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Auch in diesem Jahr durfte im Terminplan der Ju-Jutsukas des tus BERNE/ Duwo 08, das Trainingslager in Malente über das Wochenende vom 8.11.2015 – 10.11.2015 nicht fehlen.

Falckenstein - represents a tremendous amount of activity, yet absolutely no Ju-Jutsu.It represents everything fun: soccer, table tennis, charades, Poker, UNO, barbecues, playing on the beach, bonfires and so on.In all 20 years wewent to the former Youth Olympic Village, most of the time Petrus meant well.

From 20 to 22 June we were on a weekend trip at the sports and educational center Malente to learn the many facets of the Ju-Jutsu, even more intensively and with high density.

Despite the well-filled training program, our free time wasn't too short as well.

Olympisches Jugenddorf Falckenstein

From 7th to 9th of June we were on our weekend trip in Falkenstein near the Kiel Fjord. In bright sunshine 65 Ju-Jutsukas and their coaches took the bus towards the Baltic Sea.
According to the weather, everyone was in the best mood. First the houses were divided before it could go to the first exploring of the area after arriving at the Youth Olympic Village.
In record time our two barbecue pros Darius and Markus supplied the hungry pack with sausages, meat and salad and so the adventure Falckenstein could quickly go into the second round.
The rest of the evening was marked by sports, games and lots of fun.

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