The Hamburg Championships in Ju-Jutsu are traditionally held on the last weekend in February. So again this year.

A small change was made, however - in the past the competitions had been taken place in Finkenwerder for many years, this year they were jointly organized by AMTV and us.

North German Championship in Rostock

After many of our fighters had qualified at the Hamburg Championship in February to participate in the Northern German Championship, we took two minibusses to get to the venue in Rostock on April 26.

Finally,after all our participants were weighted successfully, we had a cozy dinner at an Italian restaurant before we then went back to the hotel and into the beds, to regain strength for the next day.

Successful "Inselcup" 2013

As the regular season ends with the German championship in summer, only a few isolated, smaller tournaments take place in the second half. The Inselcup, formerly "Schollencup", in September, however fought for many years has become an inherent part for fighters in Hamburg and the surrounding area.
Originally our team should accumulate a total of 39 fighters, due to illness, this number had however reduced to 19 starters in advance.

Groundrandori tournament of tus Berne

On April 14, we held a groundrandori tournament for children in the gym Lienaustaße. As the name implies, the fight was only on the ground, with the aim to secure the enemy in a holding technique.

Overall 75 fighters from Hamburg and Ahrensburg came to our gym, to compete in a fair sports competition. Thanks to good organization, a smooth process was ensured and our competitors were able to concentrate on the essentials - with success!

Competitive team again the most successful team at the Hamburg Championship

On February 23 this year's Hamburg Championship took place in Finkenwerder for all  Ju-Jutsu Fighting and duo competitors.
With a total of 34 participants, we presented one of the biggest teams in this tournament.
The objective was clear: to repeat our success in recent years and win the title as the most successful team.

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