This year we added new tournament to the schedule of the TUS Berne/Duwo 08 - the XMAS tournament in Oldenburg. It is a traditional tournament which took place for the 19th time now.

2015 xmas02

At dawn on the 12.12.15, 23 fighters and 10 coaches were on their way from Hamburg to Oldenburg. We were really excited to see how this competition and the opponents were going to be like. Our fighters took part in 6 different age-groups, from U8 up to the seniors. The coaches Bernhard, Darius and Heike prepared us well to hopefully succeed in this tournament. They asked some of our youth-coaches to motivate and help the kids and younglings before/during their fight. Somehow, there is always a first time. The youngest had their fights first, after they have been prepared by their personal trainers, they went into their fights with much enthusiasm and motivation. This of course applies to all of our starters. Bernhard had an eye on everything and always had a good word for the fighters.


In the U8 group we were able to reach all the places of the podium with a 1st place by Nieke Südbrock, a 2nd place by Louis Dax and a 3rd place by Florian Nietzel.2015 xmas01 In the groups U10 and U12 we could win three 3rd places by Louise Schülthen, Chiara Raguse and Jamie-Lee Weidemann and a 7th place by Joshua Stolze. In the U15, we have got a 1st place by Victoria von Spreckelsen, two 2nd places of Julius Florey and Benjamin Vogler, two 3rd places achieved by Eleonora Reuter and Tim Ketelsen. 4th places were acquired by Ole Düwel and Felicia Lehmann-Grube. There was a 5th place won by Louis Rogge, three 7th places by Till Wanser, Vanessa Schlegel and Bruno Florey. Some of the U18 coaches were back to fight and have reached a 7th place by Chiara von Horsten and two 9th places by Jeppe Kröger and Florian Ruether.


Last but not least there were the seniors, who once reached the 2nd place by Matthias Bressel and even the 3rd place by Britta Grobelny. Unfortunately, we have not completely remained without minor and major injuries, so one or the other fighter could not take part in all fights. We are proud of all our fighters, you put much effort into it! In such a contest, you can use the things learned in the training sessions or in the training camps live in combat. Of course, this result would not have been possible if the very motivated fans would not have cheered the loudest. We thank Bernhard and the very motivated youth coaches. You have done great things and your coaches are proud of you. But thanks also to the fans, without them such a tournament is not possible.

We wish all the Ju-Jutsukas of TUS Berne / Duwo 08 Merry Christmas and a happy 2016 and look forward to a successful tournament year 2016.