North German Championship in Rostock

After many of our fighters had qualified at the Hamburg Championship in February to participate in the Northern German Championship, we took two minibusses to get to the venue in Rostock on April 26.

Finally,after all our participants were weighted successfully, we had a cozy dinner at an Italian restaurant before we then went back to the hotel and into the beds, to regain strength for the next day.


The competition significantly stronger at the North German championship than at the Hamburg Championship and so many exciting fights were expected.All fighters of our team gave their best the next day and yet one or the other perfect result was possible.

Our two seniors Britta and Markus could not decisively break away from their opponents and thus missed to qualify for the German championship.
For the youngsters the day was already going better, in the group U21 -69KG Jonas Hillig won the title after losing his first fight. But he won his other encounters confidently, so that he had the best record in his group.

Our Duo Team Miriam and Lea didn't have any opponents and could therefore not put their skills to test this time.
In the under-15s (U15) Sophie Janson was able to win the title as North German Vice Champion.With Virginia Pistoll, Joshua Urban  and Daniel Rüther (three of our U18-Fighters) were able to win the third spot, a place on the podium and the bronze medal.

The good performance of Kyra Lorenz, Vanessa Schlegel, Maximilian Hossner and Lia Isengard have not been rewarded at this championship. All the fighters show that in the future, opponents have to watch out.

Many thanks for the excellent preparatory work in practice to the coaches Bernhard, Darius, Heike, Markus and X?