Groundrandori tournament of tus Berne

On April 14, we held a groundrandori tournament for children in the gym Lienaustaße. As the name implies, the fight was only on the ground, with the aim to secure the enemy in a holding technique.

Overall 75 fighters from Hamburg and Ahrensburg came to our gym, to compete in a fair sports competition. Thanks to good organization, a smooth process was ensured and our competitors were able to concentrate on the essentials - with success!


With a total of 4 gold medals, 6 silver and 5 bronze, our team was again the best team of the tournament.

In addition to the excellent work of the coach, who have made this great result possible, we thank all the hard-working helpers who turned this tournament into a true success.A very special thanks to family Wicher for the excellent hosting with drinks and snacks at our little refreshment stand.

The results of our competitors at a glance:

The 1st place won:
Philipp Wicher, Victoria Spreckelsen, Pauline Wicher and Ole Düwel

In the second rank:
Jonathan Reuter, Ben Rapelius, Ida Kostka, Mandy Noack, Jacob Skudis as well as Henry Behrens

With a bronze medal were awarded:
Illarion Kimmel, Bruno Florey, Darya Alibek, Hannah von Elm and Marius Drescher

Also went to fight:
Julian Schramme, Lenia Drescher, Maxim Popow, Andrej Popow, Hendrik Weimar, Fabian Wenig, Messina Starke, Julian Hebenstreit, Georg Hißnauer, Torleif Sievert, Melissa Starke, Carlotta Mühlendyck, Maximilian Hass, Anton Heiligtag, Titus von Elm, Natalie Drescher, Robin Ramme, Leonard Mauzius, Eleonora Reuter, Peer Meyer, Marc Schütze, Mats Ollenhauer as well as Dehlia Gallegos.