On Saturday, the 17 of May, close to Winsen/Luhe, the Northern German championship in Ju Jutsu Fighting took place.

If you want to go to the German championships in Aschersleben, you have to be among the best four fighters in your age and weight group, accordingly the fighters were highly motivated. To be weighted the fighting team arrived one night before the tournament. With 19 fighters it was the biggest team from Tus Berne, ever sent to the Northern German championship.

Jonas Hillig mit einem Schenkelwurf aus dem Lehrbuch 


The tournament had a really good start. Julius, he had never been to this championship, won his fist fight. Bernhard Kempa said;” Immediately I had a good feeling; I thought this will be a great day for all of us.“ Bernhards feeling seemed to be right. Julius won against two other fighters and only lost one fight. Now he can call himself vice champion - Congratulations! Seeing how good he was fighting, the motivation only got higher for the other 18 fighters. Everyone was in top form and did the best he/she could. At the end of the championship we got four gold, five silver and four bronze medals. What a success! Especially Sopie and Jonas are to be names, as they highly outmatched their competitors and therefor won most of their fights before the regular timeout due to technical predominance. Not everybody could be a champion on that day, but everybody showed great pugnacious effort and real fighting spirit. Due to a perfect moral and a great team spirit this championship also was a great pleasure for all coaches. We are looking forward to more of that!


1 place – Jonas Hillig, Jan Düwel, Sophie Janson, Zoe Kräenbring

2 place – Julius Florey, Melissa Starke, Felicia Lehmann-Grube, Mania Kornak, Vanessa Schlegel

3 place – Messina Starke, Kyra Lorenz, Eleonora Reuter, Maximilian Hossner

Jeppe Kröger, Daniel Rüther, Nicolai Brauer, Britta Grobelny, Tim Ketelsen und Oliver Schütze; also showed nice fights.

Erfolgreichste Hamburger Wettkampfmannschaft auf der GEM 2014