This year we added new tournament to the schedule of the TUS Berne/Duwo 08 - the XMAS tournament in Oldenburg. It is a traditional tournament which took place for the 19th time now.

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On 25.09.2015 the world-championchip of U15 took place in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Among the starting athletes for Germany was Zoe Kräenbring from Tus Berne who fought in the class -36 kg.
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Norddeutsche Meisterschaft 2015

4 x GOLD, 3 x SILBER, 3 x BRONZE

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Auch dieses Jahr haben wir tolle Erfolge geholt und können uns verdient erfolgreichstes Hamburger Team und zweiterfolgreichste Norddeutsche Mannschaft nennen. 

08.05.2015, 15:00 Uhr Linaustraße: Mit etwa 15 Wettkämpfern, einer Betreuerin und unseren zwei Trainern Bernhard und Heike ging es in zwei Kleinbussen Richtung Einbeck, Niedersachsen. 

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We did it again!

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After the positive experience and feedback from last year, we were this year's Hamburg individual championship organizer.

The organizational process was smooth and so all fighters could concentrate on their performance, resulting in consistently attractive fights.

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For this year's German individual Championship we went to Aschersleben with our small team. Due to the traffic and some construction, the arrival took a little longer but everyone was still in a good mood. As fighters for the TuS Berne Nicolai Brauer, Jonas Hillig and Maximilian Hossner were listed.
The audience expected a high level of competition in both the fighting as well as in the duo competition.

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Da der komplette Zyklus von Hamburger, Norddeutscher und Deutscher Meisterschaften bis zur Jahresmitte abgeschlossen ist, ist der Inselcup in Finkenwerder eines der wenigen Turniere in der zweiten Jahreshälfte.

On Saturday, the 17 of May, close to Winsen/Luhe, the Northern German championship in Ju Jutsu Fighting took place.

If you want to go to the German championships in Aschersleben, you have to be among the best four fighters in your age and weight group, accordingly the fighters were highly motivated. To be weighted the fighting team arrived one night before the tournament. With 19 fighters it was the biggest team from Tus Berne, ever sent to the Northern German championship.

Jonas Hillig mit einem Schenkelwurf aus dem Lehrbuch 

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