Dr. iur. Darius R. Kempa, born in '72, Attorney, second Head of Division Ju-Jitsu in the status BERNE, 1st Dan Ju-Jitsu, Combat- and Fighting- coach, competitions and children's trainer, coach at tournaments in Ju-Jutsu.

In 1988 he entered the dojo for the first time, and thus followed the call of his brother only two years later. Within a short time Darius could qualify for the Hamburg performance squad through intensive training and ambition and fought there very successfully for several years. The wages were numerous national titles, such as Hamburg champion, North German Champion and 3rd place at the International German Championship.

In addition to the Ju-Jutsu, he gained over years of practice and competition experience in Kick and Thai Boxing, and experienced over two years of Nin-Jutsu.

Darius understands it with an ease of his protégés to wring maximum performance both in practice and in competition. His very keen sense of the situation and people distinguish himself. The rich fund of martial arts and competition experience fulfill each of his workouts with fun and excitement. As a coach he is the calming influence during competitions and gives the competitors the necessary security when it is again: "Hajime"

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