Bernhard Kempa, born in '66, co-founder and head coach of the Ju-Jutsu divisions (BERNE tus and Duwo 08), a qualified lawyer, BSA graduate teachers, holder of the 3rd Dan Ju-Jitsu and Tai-nin jutsu, title and placements on national- and international experts tournaments responsible drawing in all areas of planning, implementation and control of the technique - Fighting- and Combat training, as well as the education and training of coaches.

Bernhard is the heart and soul of the sport. Tireless in creativity training, taking the latest findings and teaching methods into account, with him the fun of Ju-Jutsu is palpable. Today all Jujutsukas will benefit from his many national and international competitions. As a coach he always finds the right words of motivation during competitions and practice, the adjustment to the opponents and sometimes also of the consolation.

In addition to the competition-oriented training Bernhard offers courses for realistic self-defense of children, women and men after the "Not with me - System" for over 27 years. Even with these courses, he is largely responsible for the establishment and evolution.

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