With over 300 members we are one of the biggest JJ-teams in Hamburg. In addition to pure technical practice we offer weekly units for the competitive systems "Fighting", "Combat" and "Duo".

Here you will get to know: who we are, how Ju-Jutsu at tus BERNE looks like, when and where you can practice and much more.

Simply click yourself through - Enjoy/Have fun!

 Here you will find our practice movie   


Hallensperrung Duvenstedt!

Unsere JuJutsu-SAW Halle in Duvenstedt wird saniert. 

Weitere Informationen gibt's hier.

Anmeldung 30. Ju-Jutsu Camp

Zur Anmeldung für das Ju-Jutsu Camp 2019 geht's hier.



  • X-Mas tournament in Oldenburg 2015

    This year we added new tournament to the schedule of the TUS Berne/Duwo 08 - the XMAS tournament in Oldenburg. It is a traditional tournament which...

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